urban ramp royale

Do you have what it takes?


We are Urban Ramp Royale


Based out of AZ, and supported by PortTech, we are here to bridge the gap between people, skills, technology, fun, and physical divide.

Do you think you have what it takes, but there are no competitions where you live? Parents don’t want to drive you? Uber account shut down? On a diet from being awesome? Maybe you have a unique skill that doesn’t fit in to the mold of what comps usually entail. Maybe you need a few extra dollars. Maybe you want to try and beat your favorite pro rider in a mini comp.

Whatever it is, we have got you covered. Underground, grassroots, and for you. Don't like something? Contact us, we want to make this better - all of the time.


Jam Master / Jacob D’Arezzo
Tech/Web / PortTech



Instagram Comps


So you have seen what we are doing, but obviously there are some rules. We gotta keep things fair of course!

  1. No cheating. Yes, sad to say… but there. We said it.

  2. You must be following @porttech.

  3. You must tag @porttech and the correct hashtag for the comp. For example, we will announce a comp and the hashtag. For week 1, it could be #urrweek1

    1. So your post would look like. “Hi, here is my video @porttech #urrweek1”

    2. Simple, right?

  4. Yes, we are giving out cash prizes. No, we are not issuing W9’s since each prize will be less than $600 in each instance. You are responsible for paying your own taxes.

  5. No, we are not liable if you hurt yourself while attempting to film for your submission. You enter this contest at your own risk, just like when you walk in to a skatepark.

  6. The video taken needs to be done during the contest period. It cannot be an old clip, or something you took in the future and used a time machine to come back and submit.

  7. All video/media created and submitted is our property. We want to be able to reuse your clips in YouTube videos, IG Clips, IGTV, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Cereal Boxes, and the like without any licensing battles over your pretty mug.

  8. For each comp, we will select the top 3 picks within our team, and then the final say goes to an IG vote. Your peers decide your fate, so you better start being nice to the kids next door.

  9. The top 3 picks will also be asked to submit your original clips via a special web link that we send you. That way, we can guarantee the video was yours, and that it is a real submission. Yes, we are tech wizards, we have our ways.